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CONGRATULATIONS on having taken your first step towards greater business success!  VIRTUAL OPTION provides high caliber solutions that will buy you “TIME” to focus on what YOU do best! It’s our job to help you achieve that goal. VIRTUAL OPTON is a multi-Virtual Assistant organization that specializes in 3 focus areas:

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Association Administration (includes charities and not-for-profits) We specialize in providing administrative support to top-end charitable organizations or associations (either industry-specific, chapter or member-based) that are committed to making a significant impact for their stakeholders. Social Media Planning & Implementation There are thousands of generic seminars on WHY social media should be an integral component of your overall marketing plan but you need to know HOW to make social media work for YOU! Executive –Style Administrative Support At Virtual Option, we handle the parts of your business that don’t directly translate into dollars – leaving YOU more time to handle the parts that do! We offer premium quality administration assistance. We provide a full line of “start to finish “services” that will help manage your customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, boost customer retention and ultimately increase your overall sales.

If you’re part of an executive team of a non-profit, industry association or charitable organization that wants to achieve your Vision and goals using the most cost-effective and efficient delivery of administration support……then we’re a good fit!

If you know you need to get involved with social media but afraid it’s going to take more of your time….then we’re a good fit! If you’re an independent consultant that is spending too much time “moving information” as opposed to generating income….then we’re a good fit! If you’re a small to medium-sized business that requires extra assistance but can’t justify hiring more staff…then we’re a good fit!

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