3 Tips to Improve Your Website

You spent months and months designing what you thought would be a great website. You researched colors, logos, and trends tirelessly. Nitpicked every little thing until you got it just right. Or so you thought. Now it’s six months later, and you haven’t gotten nearly the traffic, sales, or subscriptions you thought you would.” ~ Aileen Galsim, How To: Fix Common Web Design Mistakes.

1.  Treat your website as the hub for all your online activity. Your business card, printed marketing materials, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ profiles should always have a working link back to your website. Your social networks should have enough information about your business to entice people to your website. Your website should be the source for current, relevant information about your business.

2.  Audit your website. When you are viewing other websites, note design, features, type of content you like and don’t like. Then, take a look at your website as if you were a first time visitor. Does your website have the design, features and type of content you like?

3.  Your website isn’t static. Make small edits and design tweaks every four to six weeks. Make one large design change every six months. Make a complete design/website update every 18 months.

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