Are You Ready for the Trends in IT?

Change can be challenging. Even if the change is new and exciting, we often feel stressed.  Instead of letting the next wave of technology take you by surprise, take a moment to read about new technology in BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer Ned Smith’s article Tsunami of IT Change Approaching for Small BusinessPreparing for change gives you the opportunity to build new technology into your business plan, marketing plan, and financial plan.
The bottom line is, eventually everyone will have to upgrade at some point to ensure success. But, in my experience, SMB owners are practical and would prefer to get the most out of the technology they have, for as long as they have it. The key is to not wait too long. For example, through my conversations with SMBs, I can estimate that about 40-50 percent still run Windows XP on their systems. These businesses will need to upgrade before the operating system is no longer supported and the company risks losing their system and ultimately revenue.” Chris Ogburn, Director of SMB and Channel Marketing, Hewlett Packard.

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