Are You REALLY on Vacation?

Forty-five percent of workers worldwide say it is unacceptable for managers to ask them to work while they are on vacation.” ~ David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer, Employees Balk at Requests to Work on Vacation.

It’s summer time! It’s time to take a break! Does “taking a break” mean working from the smart phone pool side instead of from the laptop in the office?
If you think a traditional vacation is a luxury you can’t afford, in time or finances, then it is time to redefine “vacation.” Instead of trying to leave work for seven consecutive days, take one day off a week for seven weeks. On your day off, dedicate the whole day to being unplugged from work.

 “Detox from Your Devices”
So, you were thinking of packing your Kindle, iPad, MacBook Air, BlackBerry, and iPhone for your three-day weekend to the Cape? Take a few minutes to assess what you actually need. If [you] really do need a computer while you’re away, then bring it. But if you can leave something behind and take a break from the glare of at least one of your screens, do. Your brain (and your travel companions) will probably thank you for it.” ~ Michele Hoos, The Daily Muse, 3 Ways to Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable.

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