Are You In “The Entrepreneur’s Trap”?

According to Tina Forsyth in her new book, “The Entrepreneur's Trap: How to Stop Working Too Much, Take Back Your Time and Enjoy Life” if “the time, money, and effort that you are putting into your business is not worth the return you are getting” you are in “The Entrepreneur’s Trap”.

This 182 page book is full of resources to help you escape “the trap”. As much as the VIRTUAL OPTION team would love to support you in your success, how do you know your business is ready? Perhaps you worked with a virtual professional and your expectations were not met; now you are gun-shy about working with someone else. Forsyth calms your fears with this success formula, “Entrepreneur provides the WHAT; Team provides the HOW; Combine ingredients to create a thriving business.”
Managing a virtual team is just one of the many stressors on a business owner. When you read Forsyth’s book, you will feel like you are talking to someone who has “been there and done that”. Since she is an entrepreneur, in her book she identifies situations entrepreneurs find themselves in and then she offers strategies and solutions.

This is a quick and easy read, and a nice way to wrap up 2012 while preparing for 2013.

Are YOU a successful business professional or organization that has been in business for more than three years and not generating the revenue you could be generating? Are you trying to “do it all”? 

VIRTUAL OPTION provides "high caliber” solutions that will buy you “TIME” to focus on what YOU do best!  Find out how!

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