Are You Watching Your Numbers?

Are your numbers high or low? Does it matter?
The beginning of January marks a fresh start on a new year. Often we are filled with great expectations. What happens by the end of January? Are you “back to reality”?

One tool to help you stay motivated with your business goals is Google Analytics. This is a free service that tracks your website activity. Why is website activity important? If you are an association and your membership numbers are high or low, website activity is an indication of what marketing efforts are successful and which are not yielding results. Now, before you dismiss this suggestion, consider the impact of this report. If the numbers are lower than you expect, the report can motivate you to make some adjustments. If the numbers are higher than you expect, the report can motivate you to keep moving forward.

Are you watching your numbers?

If not, is it because you do not have time? Is it because you find monitoring Google Analytics boring, confusing, etc.? Remember, VIRTUAL OPTION is a full service social media company. We offer an on-going social media maintenance package. We will read your Google Analytics report for you and make suggestions to help you keep on track with your goals for 2012.

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