We specialize in providing administrative support to top-end charitable organizations or associations (either industry-specific, chapter or member-based) that are committed to making a significant impact for their stakeholders. We need to know: What is your Vision? What are your goals? What are your benchmarks? We work with executive teams to assist in the most cost-effective and efficient delivery of administrative support to achieve these key mandates. Currently, some charities we’re working with are: McDermott House Canada; Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA)

Profit and Non Profit Associations

Most Associations have minimal staff, but have to participate regularly in regularly scheduled events such as networking sessions, workshops, luncheon and dinner meetings, a big challenge because the Association’s employees need to handle all their regular duties as well as the extra workload created by the event. The result often is that neither job is done well. The attendees at the event don’t get the service they need and customer service suffers because employees are too busy to handle inquiries.

The solution? Call Virtual Option. We can handle some or all of the admin, sales and management functions related to regularly scheduled or one-time events.

Here are just a few examples of the specific services we can deliver to make your next event a success:

  • Send announcements to members or invitees via email or postage
  • Pre-registration for events, arranged by phone, email or online.
  • On-site registration and post-event attendee reconciliation (i.e. pre-registered versus no-shows, walk-ins, etc.).
  • Overflow document preparation (i.e. agendas, handouts, workbooks, flyers, reports, etc.)
  • Database management (i.e. data entry, update management).
  • Lead Generation: Outbound telemarketing, script development and cold calling, postage campaigns and email blasts


  • Overview templates for easy budget compliance
  • Systemized portfolio management
  • Cost effective – “Pay as You Go” service
  • Centralized point of contact for members
  • Flexibility of staff to accommodate increases in projects or workloads
  • Direct input and feedback from the membership to assist with strategic planning
  • Stress free for Directors
  • Allows for a consistent and professional presentation to membership
  • Bookkeeping and financial management of all financial files on request

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