Special Events

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Specially for Special Events

Special events such as trade shows, conferences and annual meetings can be a challenge for even large companies because employees need to handle all their regular duties as well as the extra workload created by the event. The result often is that neither job is done well. The attendees at the event don’t get the service they need and customer service suffers because employees are too busy to handle inquiries. 

The solution? Call Virtual Option. We can handle some or all of the admin, sales and management functions related to your event
or we can provide short-term office help while your employees are working at the event. 

Here are just a few of the services we can deliver:

  • Pre-registration for events, arranged by phone, email or online
  • On-site registration and post-event attendee reconciliation (i.e. pre-registered versus no-shows, walk-ins, etc.)
  • Overflow document preparation (i.e. agendas, handouts, workbooks, flyers, reports, etc.)
  • Database management (i.e. data entry, update management)
  • Follow-up tradeshow services (i.e. lead follow-up, outbound telemarketing campaigns, mass mailings, email blasts or postage mailings)
  • Web site maintenance re: sponsorship
  • Primary point of contact re: ongoing communications with sponsors
  • Ensure correct usage of logos and branding as appropriate
  • Annual Golf Tournaments (Coordination, registration, on-site attendance, confirmations, sponsorships)

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