Change Is Comming To The Facebook Business Page

What’s “Timeline” all about?
If your association or solopreneur business has a “page” on Facebook, the look will change at the end of March 2012. 

Facebook is updating from a “page” to a “timeline.” The concept is for businesses to tell a story by marking significant events in a chronological order. If you happen to be tuned in to the buzz in the cybersphere, you will have noticed this is causing quite a ripple.

We believe the pro and con of participating in social media is an ever-changing atmosphere. Successful social networks are always tweaking the system to fit the need of the user. This is a good thing, even if the perception is that the change is frustrating.

What are the changes?

The overall look and feel is being modified, there are new ways for followers to contact the business and there will no longer be a landing page. If you have a personal profile on Facebook, you are familiar with the timeline. The timeline implemented for personal users is now going to be the default for businesses.

Interested in more details? Here are three articles that concisely summarize the changes.

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Timeline for Brands:
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Does your organization or business have a Facebook Page? Need help updating to the new Timeline?

We offer social media support services! If your business needs social media support, contact VIRTUAL OPTION for a consultation.

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