Consistent Branding Increases Connection With Your Target Audience

Business owners, as client work ebbs during the summer, take advantage of the time to audit your social media presence. Does your Twitter page look old? Use the slow pace of summer to update images, rewrite your bio, take a look at hashtags and join some conversations.

Google+ may not be the “popular kid” on the social media block, however, it is offering value to the people who are socializing on it. Take some time this summer to establish your business presence on Google+.

If you set up a company page on LinkedIn but have not done much with it, use the time during the summer to update any outdated information, engage with followers, share relevant content about your industry, etc.

Remember your logo. Your logo is the visual representation of your business and probably the most important component of your branding. Don’t forget to include it on your company page. You’ll need two versions: a standard logo for the profile page and a square one that will function as your icon when followers see your status updates.” ~ Michael Ansaldo, How to Make an Impact With Your LinkedIn Company Page.

Update your company logo, business images, and your profile picture. Use the images across your social networks to establish your business in the social networks. The goal is to have your target audience recognize your business regardless of the network they are on.

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