Is ‘Dignity’ Part Of Your Customer Service?

Take a moment and reflect on the best customer service experience you have had. Compare it to the worst customer service experience you have had. What were the differences between the two experiences? Did you feel you were treated with respect? Were you treated with dignity?

“If a company does not focus on and maintain the dignity of its customers, then their customers are likely to feel moral outrage and a desire to punish the brand.”
-Tom Rieger, author of Breaking the Fear Barrier, and president and CEO of National Business Innovations LLC, a member of the NSI/NBI family of companies.

There are situations where the customer isn’t always right. Sometimes, associations need to make decisions that are not popular with members. If a member is disgruntled, respecting their dignity can go a long way to smooth things over. Sometimes, a solopreneur is unable to meet the expectation of a client. Treat the client with dignity to keep a potentially negative situation from spiraling out of control.


For a detailed explanation, read Why Dignity Is The Key To Customer Service.

Meet Our Team!

This issue’s spotlight is on Kim Leitch, Account Manager. We value and admire her…

~ Friendly and eager to go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.

~ Fast and accurate computer skills, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database management, and other software add-ons.

~ Creative and likes to showcase client strengths through the written/visual messaging. Eg.: advanced PowerPoint skills.

~ Attention to detail and resourceful – will find a solution no matter what the challenge.

~ Team player, pitches in when needed and always willing to help others.


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