Does Your Company Appreciate You?

Regardless of your role in the company, it is nice to feel appreciated by the people you work with. Expressing appreciation does not have to be elaborate or public all the time. Sometimes a simple, “I noticed you worked overtime to meet the deadline. Thank you.” is a little appreciation that serves a big purpose.

How do you show appreciation to your coworkers? For some tips, read Company Culture: Little Things Mean a Lot.

I try to go out of my way to think about the things that make people happy at my e-mail marketing company VerticalResponse. I mean, we spend 8 plus hours in an office day in and day out, so why not set aside some money in the budget (as our new parent company Deluxe says) to simply “Work Happy.”

And you don’t have to go overboard. Like the title of this article suggests, little things add up.” ~Janine Popick, CEO and founder of VerticalResponse.

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