Don’t Lose Your Next Lead!

If you are relying on your email to manage your leads, you are losing valuable opportunities. It does not matter if you are a freelancer, small business owner or an entrepreneur, forgetting where a lead is in your sales process and forgetting to follow up after three touches with a lead, is costing you money. Using a CRM (customer relationship management) tool is the solution. However, traditional CRM tools are large, cumbersome, and not practical for the independent business professional. 

What is a freelancer to do? Enter Pipedrive to the rescue. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and a visually appealing way to manage your leads.

Pipedrive aims to provide you with a way not just to manage clients, but a way to manage the overall sales process.” -explains Joe Casabona in his article "Up Your Sales Game with Pipedrive." provides this snapshot, “The Pipedrive Business CRM Customer Relationship Management Software by Pipedrive Inc is mainly for Small and Medium Businesses and offers various analytics, collaboration, market and sales automation, channel management features and more to help users to manage clients more efficiently and effectively. The software mainly targets Media and Professional Services industries.”

Being an independent business professional does not mean you cannot manage your leads like the big corporations.

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