Email Goes Social: Amp Up Your Word of Mouth Engine

By Javed S. Khan

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been generating a lot of hype in the last few years as new ways of reaching and communicating with customers. Some organizations even dropped more established tactics, such as email marketing, in favour of these opportunities.

But the reality is that wide use of social media has actually increased the value of email marketing. According to a 2011 Merkle study, 42 percent of social media users said they check their email more than four times per day.

Why is social media increasing email use? Very simply, social media networks offer alerts that send an email whenever someone comments on something you post, sends a private message, or follows you. This drives people to their inbox – the more email people get, the more they will check email. This is good news!

About Javed S. Khan
Javed S. Khan is a Local Expert Presenter & Solution Provider with Constant Contact and hosts the ever popular “Best Ever LinkedIn Clinics”. He works with small to medium business owners and associations, teaching best practices relating to email, social media and online marketing, as a means to drive awareness and more revenue.

He is regularly asked to be an Event Speaker and has hosted many event presentations himself. Interested in having Javed at your next event? Please call him at 416-889-6069 or email

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