Email Goes Social: Let people know that you are on Facebook and Twitter!

By Javed S. Khan

Email and social media work well together. So what can you do to integrate these two channels?

Use your email list to grow your social fans, followers, and connections. Let people know that you are on Facebook and Twitter! You can do this by adding links to your social media accounts within your email newsletter and in your regular email signature. Put the same links on your website and your blog. The more places you link from, the more likely people will find you.

Add a share bar on your emails. Having multiple sharing options can dramatically increase your reach – it makes it easy for your readers to share the content of your newsletter with their fans, followers, and connections. The Swinery butcher shop recently added the share bar on their email which went to over 3,700 subscribers. The email had a 22 percent open rate. But with the share bar, it was viewed an additional 485 times and liked by over 180 readers – representing a 60 percent increase in reach over their original email list.
About Javed S. Khan
Javed S. Khan is a Local Expert Presenter & Solution Provider with Constant Contact and hosts the ever popular “Best Ever LinkedIn Clinics”. He works with small to medium business owners and associations, teaching best practices relating to email, social media and online marketing, as a means to drive awareness and more revenue.

He is regularly asked to be an Event Speaker and has hosted many event presentations himself. Interested in having Javed at your next event? Please call him at 416-889-6069 or email

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