Engagement Marketing: Closing the Acquisition Loop

By Javed S. Khan

The beauty of social media is that a lot of the conversation and activity happens out in the open. So, as customers and members interact with you on Facebook and Twitter, their friends and followers will see the activity and hopefully will be persuaded to act. How often have you seen a mention pop up of a friend “Liking” a business or organization on Facebook and you immediately followed suit because you too enjoy that same group or trust your friend’s judgment? Have you ever joined in a conversation that bubbled up in your Twitter stream simply because it interested you?

As new people (e.g., prospective customers and members) join the conversation, start following your handle on Twitter, Like your Facebook Page, or even become the Mayor of your location on Foursquare, it’s vitally important to remember to drive the new folks back to your email list. Do this by promoting your email options from time to time, tease upcoming newsletters, and generally make people aware of the content and information that you offer to subscribers. The more people who join your list, the more people who can engage in future conversations, continuing the acquisition cycle.

If you integrate email and social media into a larger engagement marketing strategy, you can fuel customer acquisition, growth, and ultimately, sales through great content and social interaction with your customers and members. It’s all about growing your business.

About Javed S. Khan
Javed S. Khan is a Local Expert Presenter & Solution Provider with Constant Contact and hosts the ever popular “Best Ever LinkedIn Clinics”. He works with small to medium business owners and associations, teaching best practices relating to email, social media and online marketing, as a means to drive awareness and more revenue.

He is regularly asked to be an Event Speaker and has hosted many event presentations himself. Interested in having Javed at your next event? Please call him at 416-889-6069 or email javed@empression.ca.


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