Engagement Marketing: Word-of-Mouth Is Still Key

By Javed S. Khan

If you want to engage your customers on social media, it will require more than just linking to your Facebook Page or Twitter feed from your newsletter and website — it’s about getting your customers and members to connect and interact with you through social media. Yes, you want them to Like your Page and follow you on Twitter, but you also need to inspire them to have conversations with you and fellow customers on Twitter, share their stories and opinions on your Facebook Page, and share your content with their own social circle.

That is the key piece of engagement marketing – because who knows your next best customer better than your current customers and members? If your current customers and members enjoy your products, services, or what you do for the community, then they’re more likely to tell their friends, family, and colleagues about your business or organization. Word-of-mouth is still a key marketing tactic.

About Javed S. Khan

Javed S. Khan is a Local Expert Presenter & Solution Provider with Constant Contact and hosts the ever popular “Best Ever LinkedIn Clinics”. He works with small to medium business owners and associations, teaching best practices relating to email, social media and online marketing, as a means to drive awareness and more revenue.

He is regularly asked to be an Event Speaker and has hosted many event presentations himself. Interested in having Javed at your next event? Please call him at 416-889-6069 or email javed@empression.ca.

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