Federal Contracts Are Available For Your Company

Discover How to land a federal contract, even as a solopreneur  ~by Marion Soublière of Ottawa. She is the author of Getting Work with the Federal Government: A guide to figuring out the procurement puzzle. She explains, “The Government of Canada, which spends about $20-billion annually on goods and services, wants to do more business with small and medium-sized firms – including sole proprietors. In recent years, it has been simplifying low-risk, low-dollar contracts, which account for the bulk of federal contracts.

Here is one of 10 tips by Soublière.

Market yourself, always. This is critical. […] Contribute to social media networks. The federal government is increasingly active on social media. E-mail the project authority or contract authority on your standing offer/supply arrangement to let them know when you’re available. Update them on any helpful new skills you’ve acquired, too.”

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