Fundraising Tips You Can Use For Your Marketing

Victoria Grantham posted on the Daily Worth blog, “How to Ask Friends to Donate to Causes You Support.” In the post she shares the four top tips Jenny Powers, VP of Development of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society offers for fundraising. Here are the top two tips and how to apply the tips to your marketing efforts.

 1. Play to passions: Tailor your 'asks' to friends’ interests and you’ll feel like a matchmaker instead of a mooch.

a. If you work with an association, are marketing efforts matching the benefits of membership to the potential members' interests? Do your members like to ski? Share an event that will appeal to them. ”We have an annual day on the slopes for members only!"

b. If you are a small business owner, appeal to the interests of your potential client by identifying their need and matching it with a service you offer. “Our social media support package is perfect for the ski shop owner because…

2. “Get specific to make it meaningful: Tell prospective donors how their cash will make a tangible difference.

a. If you work with an association, be honest with members and potential members. In your marketing, tell them, “Your membership dues support the following programs…

b. If you are a small business owner, use your marketing to help potential clients understand purchasing your products or service is an investment in their business.

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