Hackers Target More Than Computers in Today’s World

Modern technology allows you to have a “smart TV,” which gives you access to Internet browsers and apps. Today, you can download an app on your mobile device to control your home’s thermostat and home security system.

As you increase your use of modern technology, you are going to have to increase your awareness and implementation of security for today’s modern technology. Your company has a firewall and network encryption for its systems. We all know this is to reduce the costly repercussions of hackers, computer viruses, and malware.

Before you use that fancy new app to control an appliance in your home, make sure your home network is encrypted and check the appliance’s software for updates. For more details about protecting modern technology, read HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FANCY NEW ‘CONNECTED HOME’ FROM SAVVY HACKERS, by Matt Davis, Software architect at Earth Class Mail.

An attack on a headset might merely result in some juicy gossip from your phone calls going around at the next block party, but the consequences of a pairing attack could be much worse with something like a door lock or garage door opener.

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