Has Your Motivation Slumped?

Welcome to the third quarter of 2014. Yes! We really have completed half the year. If your motivation has slumped, especially because it is summer time, take this advice from Elaine Quinn, organizing, time management, and productivity consultant.

Recent studies indicate that as many as 95% of us are prone to procrastination, with 20% being chronic procrastinators! Procrastination is one of the most universal of human flaws.

If you’re in the habit of procrastinating, you’ve got to do something to change that. It’s just a matter of time before something bad happens. Plus, the repeated stress and anxiety of last-minute fixes is no way to achieve inner harmony. Why would you do that to yourself! Here [is a] strategy you can use to break the self-destructive procrastination habit:

Get started as soon as you land a new project – even if you don’t feel ready do much at that point. The minute you take some kind of action, your brain starts analyzing and problem solving. Ideas come more easily and you’ll have a structure in place to capture them. It’s far easier to keep a project moving that’s already underway, than to overcome the inertia of procrastination.” ~Four Ways to Keep Procrastination from Spoiling Your Summer.

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