Have You Ever Experienced ‘Team Bonding’?

Fast forward and imagine this time NEXT year. Will you have met all the goals for 2014 set by your company? True success is achieved by cultivating positive and healthy relationships among co-workers. In the past, many companies engaged in “team building” exercises to achieve this level of success.

Today, the focus for your company should be on “team bonding” to achieve success in 2014.

Crossing a scary rope bridge together at an off-site might bring people together in the moment; but crossing a scary business abyss and coming out on the other side with real and lasting value added to the organization and its customers…. that’s the stuff of authentic and sustainable bonding.

So, your team might well benefit from a little fun time together away from the office…. but if you’re looking for genuine and sustainable results, don’t settle for mere team-building; support the joint decision making, visioning, and accomplishment that leads to genuine team-bonding.”

From team building to team bonding
By Julie Winkle Giulioni, author of “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want,” with Bev Kaye.

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