How can Virtual Support Help My Organization Succeed?

OUR Resources! YOUR Choice!
Whether your association is a non-profit, industry specific, or a charitable organization, it depends on busy, talented people to make it run. At VIRTUAL OPTION, we believe their time and skills should be valued and used strategically and effectively.
VIRTUAL OPTION is designed to lift the administrative burden off your Board and staff, leaving them free to focus on what they do best.
Think of the possibilities. Your association will get the benefit of a full corporate resource staff through a dedicated account manager. But you don’t have them on staff. You don’t pay for their downtime, or the traditional fees or have the management challenges associated with employer/employee relationships.
You simply pick and choose the resources you need… when you need them. Our administrative, creative, or bookkeeping services are designed to fit any budget and you pay as you go.  That means whether you need a little extra help wading through administrative tasks, or a tradeshow, general meeting or holiday party organized and staffed, VIRTUAL OPTION can step in and make your vision a reality.
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