How Do You Find the Right Person for Your Company?

“Every good company thrives when its ideas are tied together by a great team with common values and a desirable workplace culture. Talent communities are perhaps the best way to pool existing talent and gain access to referrals and job seekers who would be a great company fit.” Kes Thygesen, Why Your Company Should Create a Talent Community.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent consultants can benefit from a talent community, too. As Thygesen suggests in the article, create a private Facebook group and cultivate vendors, virtual assistants, and other professionals with like-minded goals. Engage and interact with your talent community. Once you get to know people, you can reach out to them when you need a service for your business. Your talent community will get to “know, like, and trust” and likewise turn to you when they need your service.

Look for groups on LinkedIn and join ones that are functioning as a talent community. Participate in the group by responding to discussions and sharing beneficial information with the group. In addition to being a good pool of resources, this could open up the opportunity to form joint partnerships.

Tap into a talent community to reap all kinds of benefits for your business.

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