Keep Focused in August


YesIt is August!

Although the official autumnal equinox is more than six weeks away, our routines for fall are quickly approaching. Before we know it our business hours will be long, and the daylight hours will be short.

As the lazy days of summer dwindle down, it is a challenge to focus on third-quarter objectives, monthly reports and meeting financial goals. Stay focused with these three tips from Lambeth Hochwald’s article on, 13 Tips to Stay Motivated in the Dog Days of Summer.

1. Power through it.

It’s tempting to take a break, to slow things down in the dog days of summer. But there’s somebody out there who wants to be in your place. That person might be working on the next big thing that will compete with your business. That’s the motivation: Keep working and you’ll stay on top of your game.“–Troy Vincent, former professional football player and current vice president of player engagement for the NFL.

2. Follow the 15-minutes rule.

Let’s say there’s a task that’s hanging over your head. Resolve to work on this task for just 15 minutes. You can stand anything for 15 minutes and by working on it bit by bit, you can get a lot done. The hardest part is starting, and knowing that you can quit so soon makes the task a lot easier.“– Gretchen Rubin

3. Never underestimate the power of an ice cream cone.

I run my business from home and stay motivated to finish my tasks knowing I’ll get to have an ice cream with my kids if I’ve put in a hard day’s work.“–Leslie Truex, owner of Work At Home Success and author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible (Adams Media, 2009).

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Stay focused on what you do best while we focus on the rest!

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