Keep It ‘Real’ to Improve Sales

When a disgruntled customer calls, it’s tempting to use the company as a scapegoat. The sales rep has the personal relationship with the customer, so it’s easier to deflect blame to the employer and try to win sympathy. The problem is that it’s much harder for the customer to forgive an impersonal entity than to forgive an individual. When the salesperson blames the company, the customer’s trust plummets.” ~John Treace, Inc., 5 Worst Mistakes That Salespeople Make.

Sometimes your customer/client needs to know you are human, too. Think about when you have to fly. Have you ever had an airline lose your luggage? When you hear your bag was never placed on the plane because the “system was down,” does it make you think you don’t want to use the airline again? If they can’t get their systems to work, can you trust them? It is easier for you to show compassion if an airline representative said, “I put the wrong tag on your luggage and it didn’t get on your flight.” We can relate. We all have bad days. We all miss a detail here and there.
Remember to respect your customer/client by relating to them. Keep it ‘real.’ You will build trust. Trust leads to sales.

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