Keep Your Content Consistent

In the not so distant past, a company was considered “cutting edge” if it had a website. To be considered “cutting edge” today, a company not only must have a website, the website must be compatible with mobile devices, interactive, and leverage social media. When you think about it, that is a lot of content production!

How consistent is your company’s content? Does the marketing content produced represent the message your company wants to deliver? If your company has custom written and designed pages on the website, then the company should not be using generic template “thank you” emails.

The real lesson is that you should let your content show off who you are. […] But you should think about the language and tone you use and that your customer uses and speak to him or her in that way on every single page of your site.Content Actually is All Around (Not Just on Your Blog), by Isla McKetta, Senior Content Strategist.

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