“Knowledge” Will Increase Sales

In today’s consumer climate, knowing “how” to sell something is not enough. Reviewing a spec sheet for a product will not take your sales to the next level. If that is your approach, you might not hit your sales quota.

In today’s consumer climate, you need to have first person experience with the product. Your company needs to provide training, including demonstrations, on the product you are selling. The more you “know” the product, the better sales person you will be.

Kendra Lee, The VAR Guy, shares this advice in Sales Managers: Are You Really Teaching Reps to Sell Services?

Involve your reps to cement the learning: Have each rep sit down with a help desk consultant, follow an engineer onsite for a day, play with the software, watch a backup recovery test or attend a project meeting. Your goal here is to let reps fully experience the services in action.

So, if your sales reps don’t seem to “get” your services, or they consistently miss their numbers, I’d highly recommend taking a step back to assess their grasp of your offerings. It could be that some hands-on training is required to get them on track and drive more sales faster.”

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