‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ Are Not the Same Thing

As we approach the middle of the fourth quarter for 2013, it’s time to assess quarterly and annual goals. It might be time to make one final push in an effort to achieve those goals. You may need your team or department to focus on a project and not get distracted by office politics or the upcoming holiday season. A shift in perspective could be all it takes to accomplish what needs to be achieved. For example, if a corporation thinks you need to “manage” your team or department to get the job done, it’s time to redefine the term “manage.”

You need to “manage” the work flow, manage the reports, manage the calendar, the deadlines, etc. However, you need to “lead” your team or department to the goal.

Investing yourself in the future success of the PEOPLE in your organization is leading. People require guidelines, structure, vision, and accountability to succeed. People need someone to care about them as people, not as “human capital.” People need to know they matter to an organization and that what they do makes a difference. They don’t need more rules, policies, and regulations.” ~Steve Keating, CME, CSE, The Difference Between Managing and Leading.

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