LinkedIn Tip: Invitations

Are you a power networker? After meeting someone, do you connect with him or her on your social networks? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Well, yes and no. Yes, build your network. No, it isn't necessary to connect with everyone. Your new goal is to make quality connections rather than quantity of connections.

In fact, ever since LinkedIn started, they have cautioned against connecting just to connect. Did you know that they issue a limited number of invitations per account? Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn To Business, explains,

“You only get 3000 invitations in a lifetime – use them wisely. Even though LinkedIn gives you the tools to upload your entire list, make sure you only invite people who are already on LinkedIn and don’t invite more than 2500 people – leave a few invitations for the future. At this time you cannot buy more invitations.”

For more LinkedIn tips, read von Rosen’s article, 20 Tips to Becoming Successful on LinkedIn – Refreshed and Expanded.

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