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A recent study asked consumers which channel they prefer for receiving permission-based promotional messages. A whopping 77% said email. No other channel even scored in the double digits; only 4% of respondents said Facebook, with Twitter and mobile apps both scoring a mere 1%. That’s a very clear message about how your leads and contacts want to hear from you.” Janelle Johnson, MarketingProfs.

More and more people are investing in smartphones. Reading email on a smartphone makes people feel productive. Is your organization or business delivering an email people want to read?

First, your organization needs a reliable email delivery system, such as Mailchimp. Your organization should have its own account. It is your list, and you want complete control of your database. An email delivery system keeps your organization in compliance with spam laws. The system provides a very easy and simple way for people to subscribe or unsubscribe from your emails, view on a mobile device and share with their network of connections.

Second, know your audience. If your organization is hosting an event, send an email with the details of the event only and a link they can click to register for the event. Schedule reminder emails to be delivered at appropriate times. You want a “reminder” email to do just that-REMIND-not nagging. If your audience looks to your organization as an authority and leader in the industry, then send at least one email per month with an article that is well written, with relevant content and information your audience can use now. Do not bury the article in reminders for upcoming events, promos for referring a friend to the organization, reasons for joining the organization, etc. Keep it simple.

Third, plan ahead. Create an editorial calendar. Use a spreadsheet or calendar to schedule days and times emails will be sent. Knowing which emails will be sent and when, should help you judge if your audience is not receiving enough communication from the organization or if the organization is running the risk of being “annoying” because too many emails are sent.

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