Office Politics Starts With You

But politics are a natural outgrowth of any organization. You simply can't escape the fact that your business is made up of people, all of whom have different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions.” ~ Jay Steinfeld, Inc.

If office politics is inevitable, then you have a choice. You can participate in office politics and perpetuate the problems. You can choose to be a part of a solution.
Steinfeld offers four points to control negative office politics. “Encourage people to engage in and contribute to important discussions, give clear direction, veto power plays and reject negative politics on the spot.”

For more details, read Steinfeld’s article, 4 Ways To Eliminate Office Politics.

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Meet The Team!

This issue's spotlight is on Jenna Nash, Social Media Support Specialist. We value and admire her…

~ Knowledge in Social Media implementation and ongoing Social Media maintenance.
~ Dedication to continuing training and improving skills and processes.
~ Reliability, friendliness and efficiency.
~ Persistence and attitude of “work at a problem until she finds the solution instead of giving up or passing the problem onto someone else.”
~ Proactiveness and being goal driven.

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