‘Patience’ Is Key to Sales Success

Another common mistake on the first conversation with a prospect is to assume that the customer is ready to buy from you.” ~ Gregg Schwartz, Don’t Get Too Excited: 4 Reasons Why Passion is the Enemy of Sales Success.

Assuming a customer is ready to buy happens online frequently. Visiting a website and being bombarded with requests to “buy now” and to “not miss this offer” are examples of a business assuming that because you are visiting their website, you are ready to buy. The business is limiting your opportunity to decide if their product/service is what you are looking for.

Consider this example, when you visit a website and the first page is a request to join a mailing list. The business is assuming you are familiar enough with what they offer that you will join the mailing list immediately.

Savvy business owners give prospects the opportunity to learn more about their business, their products, and their services. A sale occurs when the prospect is comfortable with the business. In your eagerness to secure a sale, don’t rush the process.

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