Pictures ALWAYS Speak Louder Than Words!

Create an "Image" For YOUR Story!

Do you have interesting statistics you would like to share about or with your industry? You can create a visual representation of the information you would like to share called an infographic. You can share a large amount of data in a quick and easy to understand way. Infographics are very popular on social networks.

Social networkers like to share infographics. When your data gets shared, it helps build your brand, name recognition, and leads for your business.

For examples of Infographics and resources to create them, read Miranda Rensch’s article10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations.

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2013 Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference

EARLY BIRD Exhibitor Rates Until Feb. 28!

On Thursday, May 30th, 2013, 1,000+ Entrepreneurs will gather at the Mississauga Convention Centre to expand their professional network, hear from experienced and successful entrepreneurs on tips and opportunities and learn what it takes to become successful and stay thriving.

You're invited to exhibit! This is your organization's opportunity to reach a target audience 1000+ Entrepreneurs, promote your products/services face-to-face & be recognized as a leader in your industry.

BOOTH PACKAGES STARTING AT $775.00. **EARLY BIRD RATE! SAVE 5% when you book your exhibit space before February 28, 2013!

Click here for more information or call (905) 566-5627or email

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