Promoting Your Business with Social Media

Written by Charlotte Readges

When you first start with Social Media you will notice that it may be a little bit time consuming, to say the least.  Social Media is a free medium of advertisement and branding for your business, but time is money and so often businesses just give up.

Like everything in life and in business, Social Media has to be looked at from a proper perspective.   What would you like to achieve by using Social Media?  And most of all, what are you missing out on by NOT using Social Media?  These are important questions, since if you do not know what anything can do for you, why go for it in the first place?

Social Media can be used for a few different purposes. For one, Social Media channels are being used for market research.  You can evaluate how the market reacts to your business or product.  You can also evaluate how it is best to market your service or product based on responses and feedback you receive.  Do people like to think of your product in color, or what wording would describe your service better? Another type of market research is for B2B businesses, which is actually finding your clients and gaining insights of what they are currently doing, their interests, and so on.  In the short run, Social Media is quite a good indicator for your market research.

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