Sales Quota + Expectations = Results

Imagine being given the goal to travel from your company office to “point B.” You have been given a mode of transportation but no maps. You might know how to get to “point B,” however, you might not know if your route is on track with how others in your company would get to

“point B.”

If you have been given a quota but no expectations for how to achieve the quota, it is like being told to get to “point B” without a map.

There was a school of thought that all that needs to be done in regard to the expectation thing is to inform sales reps about their quota and then just keep checking if they are on their way to achieving it.  Unfortunately that school of thought still lingers about.  Knowing quota, however, does not provide a comprehensive answer to our four questions.” Click here to read the four questions in the article, Sales managers-expectations and accountability, by Richard Ruff, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Sales Horizons.

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