Secrets for Successful Google Analytics Reports

As you market your way through 2013, remember to check your metrics. It’s important to monitor statistics for your website, social media, etc. because the data can help you achieve your business goals for this year. Reading these reports can get overwhelming. Therefore, select a few reports and measure your progress with just those.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool and offers a wealth of information. There are a lot of reports you can read in Google Analytics. Avinash Kaushik, in his article, Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big! Shows you 10 reports then explains why the data is important and gives you tips about the reports.

Kaushik explains the data for Landing Pages, “Start by looking at the top 20 landing pages. Content > Site Content > Landing Pages.
Identify ones with high bounce rates. What is wrong with them? Visit them. Missing calls to action broken links, not enough content, content unrelated to the ads, something else? Low hanging fruit. Fix it.

Learn to apply the top traffic segments (see #1 above) to this report. Find high bounce rates for one segment (Paid Search) and look at other segments (Display) where pages have low bounce rates. Learn from the winners, apply to the losers.

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