Stop Using “Marketer-Centric” Customer Feedback Surveys

How many times have you been asked to fill out a customer feedback survey? Have you ever filled out a customer feedback survey? Did you feel like your responses would make a difference to the company?

If your company has a customer feedback survey system in place, or if your company is considering implementing a customer feedback survey, you may want to consider this article: Retailers: Your Surveys Are Making Customers Suffer, by Lydia Dishman, Forbes.

“[Jonathan Levitt, CMO of OpinionLabs tells FORBES] that the disconnect happens because surveys are marketer-centric, and often designed to satisfy business curiosities and justify marketing spend. ‘They are not designed to illuminate the hearts and minds of customers.’

As a result, he’s observed response rates dropping over the past 20 years, from about 20 percent to a paltry 2 percent today. ‘You are annoying your customers and not getting the answers you want anyway,’ Levitt says, ‘It’s a lose-lose.’”

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