“Success Track 2014” ~ Tip For Managers

Are you on track to achieve your sales goals for the first quarter of 2014? If you are in a new position as a Sales Manager, looking at the goals for the year may be daunting. If you are an experienced Sales Manager, continuing to do the same thing may not get the results you need.

According to Andrew Urteaga, of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Blog, “The initiatives you engage in over the next 3-4 months will determine your success.  Picking the wrong initiatives can have a disastrous impact on your results.”  ~You Just Got Promoted to Sales Manager – Now What?

He suggests focusing on four areas, for example:
Process and Productivity- Here your team needs to understand what activities drive the most value.  Are they properly aligning their activities with the buyers?  Top-level teams understand this and build a process that you can duplicate.  Not everyone sold the way you did.  You have to tell them, show them, coach them, and redirect them.  If you do not know what these key activities are, learn quickly.”

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