The Key to Social Media

Are you going to avoid social media, again, this year? If you do, you are missing valuable sales. Statistics are starting to reflect that social media influences a person’s decision. Your experience with social media may reflect that your clients, customers, and/or members, are not being interactive on social media. Have you posted an event online? Were you expecting a record number of registrations? Were you disappointed in the results? Social media is not the magic wand of sales.

The key to social media is: understand that people, your clients, customers, and/or members, are using social media as an information source. People are researching products, services and organizations before they decide to make a purchase. If your organization or small business is not sharing relevant and valuable information consistently on social networks, then you are negatively affecting your revenue.

A lead’s interactions with your company in social media have as much to do with their purchasing decision as their behavior on your website or their interactions with your emails.” ~ Meghan Keaney Anderson, 6 Ways Social Media Marketing Is Changing (For the Better)

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