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SocialCorner1 The Social CornerAlthough Social Media just started on the web about 5 years ago, it has gone through an evolution in the last 2 years.

At first, it was designed to market to business and/or consumers internationally but the “social media evolution” has been going through huge transformations over the past few years in that more focused strategies can be created and implemented in local markets to pinpoint target audiences through various sites and software.

Where, mostly companies offering goods and services internationally could find success in their Social Media efforts, now medium and small businesses  and even  “storefront”  and “brick and mortar” businesses have the ability to reach out to their customers, whether BtoB (Business to Business) or BtoC (Business to Consumer).

The Benefits of Social Media for your business…

  •  Building your Brand and Reputation
  • Attracting new customers or clients
  • Generating referrals 
  •  Identifying targets
  • Selling strategically

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Social Media Success…

  •  DO    Create Complete Profiles
  •  DO    Choose a limited number of ideal networks
  • DO    Grow your connections
  •  DO    Participate & promote Invitations
  •  DO –   Be real!
  •  DON’T    Be selfish    networking is all about sharing
  • DON’T    Have unrealistic expectations
  •  DON’T    Give up
  •  DON’T    Market all the time
  •  DON’T    Forget to network locally
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