Is It Time to Upgrade to Windows 8?

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, upgrading a computer operating system can be a significant investment of finances, time, and resources. How do you know when to upgrade? First, read about the new operating system, including the product website and user reviews. Having a general understanding of the pros and cons of the new operating system will help you determine if it is time to upgrade.  Second, if your computer seems “clunky” and doesn’t run as smoothly as you think it should be, it’s probably time to upgrade.
Many users that are resistant to upgrading Windows live with annoying errors and system crashes. These are often caused by bugs that are no longer a priority for Microsoft to fix, or [by] incompatibility between a newer software program or device and your older operating system. Upgrading Windows will typically fix these glitches.” Here Comes Windows 8.1 – Should You Upgrade?
by Sara Angeles, BusinessNewsDaily.

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3 Responses to Is It Time to Upgrade to Windows 8?

  1. Karen McCamy says:

    While your computer’s OS is obviously important (can’t work w/o it), an older OS is rarely the reason for your computer slowing down or exhibiting the symptoms you mentioned. Usually, those symptoms are easily remedied by doing a “defrag” using tools built into Windows. It also helps to “empty the temp internet files” (also easily done within any version of Windows. Regularly “housekeeping” practiceslike these — just like regular backups — will prevent these errors or slow-downs from happening in the first place. (And, PLEASE don’t fall for those ads offering to “cleanup” your computer: they are all scams! Don’t EVER let any company “login” to your computer remotely!)

    As far as Windows 8, specifically… It was designed for new “touch” devices (the “tiles” in the interface; it was erroneously and unwisely assumed [hoped?] by Microsoft that all devices could benefit from the same OS, including tablets with touch sreeens…WRONG!) and is terribly-suited for non-touch-screen monitors/screens.

    Unless you are using software on your computer that doesn’t play well with your older version of Windows (such as XP), or are going to need to do so in the near future, there is NO reason to upgrade to Windows 8. If you must upgrade, purchase a legal copy of Windows 7 and install that!

    I have multiple computers, ranging from a Netbook running XP to a quad-core desktop which runs Windows 7…plus several laptops of varying ages. All my computers (except the netbook) run Windows 7. I will NOT be running Windows 8! Installing a new OS will not solve these problems and installing Windows 8 will only cost you more resources (time & money) in headaches and (likely PAID) trouble-shooting.

    An older Operating System is rarely going to be the problem…Those recommending “upgrades” are usually the same ones who will benefit from the sales and service of the same.

    BTW…I’ve been in computers for over 30 years, since before Windows even existed…The above advice comes from having owned countless PCs…I’m not “dis”-ing Microsoft or Windows! I am a dedicated Windows proponent. But Windows 8 has been a series of bad choices and assumptions on the part of Microsoft (likely their marketing team, trying to be competitive with Android & iOS tablets) from its initial release.

    I don’t want to see unsuspecting consumers further complicate their computer experience by making the Windows 8 “mistake”! BTW, if a new PC purchase is your future, call the company and insist it has Windows 7 installed on it. You can Google “new PCs with Windows 7” or something similar. You will have to do a little leg-work, as most companies are being “urged” (by Microsoft) to sell Windows 8 to increase their dismal sales record. BEWARE!

    I hope this information is useful.

    • Marion Tripp says:

      Thank you so much for your response Karen! Awesome advice! There is a lot to consider when updating to a new operating system. I will definitely be thinking twice now before changing to Windows 8. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

  2. Karen McCamy says:

    Hi Marion,

    I’m glad my comment was helpful. You are correct: there are a LOT of factors to consider when deciding to upgrade your OS…and it’s often difficult to see past all the marketing hype out there and drill down to the important technical issues. To counter all the hype, nothing is as useful as conducting diligent research…and from a number of credible and legitimate tech sources. There are lots of these around…just Google “Windows 8 Reviews” and you’ll get a ton of sources. Just make sure those sources are qualified technology sites. It is a very important decision and takes careful research. Good Luck to any readers out there considering this important decision…and remember that you can always upgrade to Windows 7…it doesn’t need to be Windows 8.

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