Two Nifty Ways to Create a Process Document

Does the thought of creating instructions for a process you complete frequently make you cringe? Do you wish you could “just show” them how to do something? Relieve your stress; you can use pictures to document the things you do.

You can use Clarify or Snagit to capture the steps you take to complete a task. For example, if you have a membership website and would like to explain to members how to sign in and access information, you can snap a picture of each step of the process as you walk through the process. Clarify or Snagit offer editing and formatting options. After you have your process document finalized, you can send it to members, share it in a blog post or add it to a website.

Images of how to do something are much easier to understand than trying to follow typewritten instructions. Clarify or Snagit combine images with text for professional and easy to understand instructions.

With Clarify, you can take multiple screenshots, annotate each one, organize them into a series of steps, and add additional text to further explain each step. […] A good example of when you might want to use Clarify is in explaining how to send out an email newsletter, which usually involves a number of critical steps.” Alex Muramoto, Documenting a Business Workflow Using Evernote, Skitch, and Clarify!



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