Use Social Media to “Touch” Your Members

DID YOU KNOW? Social media is all about "touch." For those of you old enough to remember, just 35 years ago a company’s communication with a client or customer used to be an advertisement in a publication – such as a newspaper. The way to get the word out about your company was to create a clever, visually intriguing, emotion-evoking ad. Companies would publish and hope for the best. The company had no idea how effective their efforts were.


Flashback 10 years ago and it was all the rage for companies to have a static website. Once again, publish and hope for the best! An improvement from just 35 years ago was now companies could track the effectiveness of their efforts.


Travel down memory lane and just 5 years ago saw the surge in social networking. Now companies can interact with clients and customers. Companies have the ability to respond to feedback in a very public way that results in a virtual "touch."


Social media allows you to reach your members and clients on a personal level. People want to connect with people. Interacting on a social network allows people to feel as if you have reached out and "touched" them.

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