Use These Apps to Limit Distractions

When this ezine landed in your inbox, did a message pop up and alert you? While in your email, did you click on the link in the message from Facebook notifying you someone tagged you in a photo? Mentioned you? Email and social media are just a few examples of how quickly we can get distracted from what we set out to accomplish at the moment.

Here is a suggestion from Sandy Sidhu, from her article, 3 Tools To Help You Get More Done,  “So what’s the remedy for those of us who twitch whenever we see a new message in our inbox pop up and are not quite ready to go all 4 Hour Work Week and only check our email 2x a day?

Productivity Owl is a plugin for Chrome but instead of just blacklisting certain websites, the productivity owl is present on every page and allows a certain amount of time to get the info you need and then get out.

Mississauga Career Fair and Conference
February 26

The Mississauga Career Fair and Conference will be held on Tuesday February 26, 2013 at Sheridan College near square one in Mississauga. All are Welcome! 

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Confirmed exhibitors include Ontario Provincial Police, Stephenson's Rental Services,, Sunlife and many more! More information and free registration for job seekers can be found at

CLICK HERE for a posting promoting the event – can you please forward the flyer to anyone you think would want to attend who is looking for a job or a new career?
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