Independent Professionals

Welcome to your turn-key office!

Whether your needs are administrative, creative or bookkeeping, we enable you to focus on what you do best in a cost effective way. We are office-ready which allows you to spend more of your time and resources on:

  • areas of specialty
  • revenue generation
  • building your business
  • what you do best

Our turn-key focus also removes the most common time and revenue wastes:

  • administrative distractions that cut into productivity
  • downtime focus
  • fees that are associated with employer-employee relationships
  • management challenges that are associated with employer-employee relationships

We have all the services your business needs now and as it builds.  Your business gets the benefit of a full corporate resource staff through a dedicated account manager, and you get to choose which resources you need, and when. Our services are designed to fit any budget and you get to pay as you go, for the services you need. You are the boss!

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