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The easy way to do business in Canada or the U.S. TODAY!

You don’t need to open your own office to have a presence in the Canadian or U.S. markets! All you need is a “virtual office”, staffed and operated by Virtual Option. Your customers won’t know the difference, but you could save up to 50% on labor, versus the cost of hiring full or part-time employees. Plus you don’t have to pay rent, benefits and all the other costs associated with a conventional office.

We can deliver everything you need – including admin, sales and project management support!

Here are just a few examples of the specific services we can provide to establish your business in Canada or the U.S.:

  • Business mailing address and toll-free (Canada and U.S.) phone/fax numbers.
  • Direct phone/email inquiries in local markets
  • Order processing
  • Full on-site administrative services (document creation, database management, copywriting, graphic design)
  • Professional TRILINGUAL* oral and written communications
  • Up-to-date technology tools
  • Daily data back-up.
  • Arranging customs agents and freight forwarding services
  • Promotional mailings and marketing eblasts
  • Managing support for your North American customers
  • Mail receiving and forwarding
  • Venue and suppplier research and contact liaison
  • Event coordination and follow-up including pre- and post-event registration, set-up and management and onsite presence if required


Payment for our services is accepted by wire transfer or via online payment. Telephone inquiries should be made between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., EST. Remember to leave the time when you would like to receive a call back!

Need to get in touch with a department of the Canada government? Check out our handy links to government web sites.

Handy Links to Canadian Government Websites

Virtual Option is listed with SourceCan (, the premier business sourcing service created by the Government of Canada in conjunction with Industry Canada, hyperNET and Canadian Commercial Corporation.

Here are some other links to important web sites you should visit before launching your business in Canada:

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