What is “Balance”?

Before the blink of an eye it is so easy for life to get hectic. At times when we feel overwhelmed we seek ways to find “balance.” Does “balance” imply equal time for all you want to accomplish in a day? Have you ever taken a moment to consider what “balance” really means?
According to Dictionary.com balance means, “a state of equilibrium;” in turn equilibrium means: “a state of rest due to the equal action of opposing forces.” Interpretively, balance can be peace of mind due to a variety of opposite activities. Therefore, if you are focused on work and solely work chances are your stress level increases.
Balance doesn’t have to mean all in one day, such as four hours for work, followed by four hours with family concluding with four hours of “me” time.  Written that way, it sounds a bit far fetched. Balance can mean when you are at work focus on work. Then after you reach a goal at work balance that with an activity with your family and/or “me” time.
If you would like to read another example of balance Gladys Edmunds wrote Balance doesn’t mean every task in your life gets equal treatment on USA Today website.

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