What Is the “Ignored Side of Social Media”?

Social media outreach to customers once was a pleasant surprise, and a chance for companies to win brownie points — but consumers increasingly believe that social interactions with brands should come standard. That means companies will miss out if they fail to respond to customers’ social chatter, says Dennis Stoutenburgh of Stratus Contact Solutions.” ~Anna Schumann, Lead Editor, SmartBrief

Learn how your company should utilize social media to improve customer service from Knowledge@Wharton in the article, The Ignored Side of Social Media: Customer Service. Here is an interesting quote from the article.

How much have businesses taken advantage of social media customer care so far? Actually, not very much. An often-cited study by evolve24 – a Maritz Research company based in Fenton,Mo., that specializes in social media analytics — found that approximately 70% of customer service complaints made on Twitter go unanswered. Although the study is from 2011, the panelists believe that the percentage hasn’t changed significantly.

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