YOU Don’t Want To Make THIS Marketing Mistake!

For modern marketers, the big risk of insincerity is getting found out. With the Twitterverse, Blogosphere, and Yelp out there, it's fairly difficult to fool anyone for long. Fiji Water ran smack into that problem, Sachs says, when the company attempted to lure environmentally conscious consumers to its obviously high-carbon-footprint product by claiming it would use offsets to become carbon negative. But closer examination of Fiji Water's plan revealed that it was calling itself carbon negative by giving itself credit for future actions the company claimed it would take over the next 30 years! Not surprisingly, this resulted in a lawsuit and the kind of bad publicity that likely left Fiji Water wishing it had skipped the whole thing. 'You want to reach out to a new audience but you can't deliver on that promise,' Sachs says. 'Better to be true to yourself and have people come to you.'"

~ Minda Zetlin, Inc. 5 Deadliest Marketing Sins

Take heed from the mistakes made by others and consider if it is a cardinal sin in real life, it is a cardinal sin in marketing! Sales are made when your prospective client feels as if they “know, like and trust” you. Therefore, keep your marketing honest, genuine, and true.


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